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Beauty Haul | Marks and Spencers

I always enjoy a trip to the Sprucefield M&S because they have the best beauty selection with loads of cruelty free options.

Last month when I went in for the Studio 10 demo with Patsy Kensit the girls were kind enough to send me away with some more goodies so this haul review is 100% gifted but the opinions are my own.  I’ve had a good old month trying to make time to try all the goodies in here along with my usual stash of incoming products and the results are in!


REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial (£33 for 75ml)

First up were the samples of the REN 1 minute face mask.  This mask is activated with water after you apply it.  The purpose of this mask is to tighten the skin, fight the signs of aging and effects of pollution.  It does this with Vitamin C, Boswellic Acid and Magnesium for a boost to your skins glow.

With it only taking a minute, it really is the perfect mask for anyone short of time but in need of a mini pamper session.  I am pleased to say I did notice a positive effect on the skin using these but I wasn’t a big fan of the smell and dare I say acidic taste that was left on my lips after washing the mask off.

Rodial Stemcell Magic Gel (£55 for 50ml)

Rodial Stem Cell

I am a huge fan of Rodial as a brand and this product was a lovely one to use.  You can use the Stemcell Magic Gel as a night mask or an intensive treatment during the day.  The gel hydrates, tightens and tones the skin while also protecting against pollution (and if you weren’t aware, pollution plays a major part in our ageing).  It contains “Pronalen™ Bio-Protect complex and PhytoCellTech™ Alp Rose stem cell technology work towards maintaining the skin’s moisture balance”.  The product has a really silky feel when applied to the skin which I loved and the smell is very gentle and pleasent too.

Pure Super Grape Day Cream (£15 for 50ml)


The Pure Super Grape Day Cream comes with an SPF 15 which is always a good bonus.  It hydrates the skin with 95% natural ingredients and avoids synthetic colours, fragrances and parabens.  It is made with a complex of echinacea, peptides and an exclusive source of resveratrol which combined help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate and protect the skin.  This product feels non greasy when I apply it to my skin and hydrates well.  Great value for the price.

Rosie for Autograph Eau de Parfum (£14 for 30ml)


This is a really lovely fragrance if you are a fan of floral and rose scents. It is part of the exclusive range with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.  The fragrance lasts well on the skin like any of the other perfumes I have tried by M&S.  I love that they have a good range of fragrances to pick from and that they are all cruelty free.  So chuffed they popped two of this into my goodie bag so I can keep one in my handbag and one in the car.

Overall this was a great goodie bag and it really highlights a small portion of the wonderful range available in Marks and Spencers.  You may not find all these products in your local store as some are only kept in larger stores with a dedicated beauty department but you can 100% order them online for free pick up in your local store.

Do you have any favorites you have spotted in M&S recently?

Emmy x


*Although products are gifted, all opinions are my own.

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An interview with Patsy Kensit | Studio 10 Beauty

DSC_0699.JPGLast week I was kindly invited down to an interview with Patsy Kensit at Marks and Spencers in Sprucefield to promote the Studio 10 make-up range.

The set up was lovely with welcome drinks on the way in and goodie bags on each of the seats.  M&S were very generous giving us some mini perfumes, face creams and samples all for just attending.  Gotta love the girls in Sprucefield for hooking us up with goodies,

First up at the event was make-up artist Paul Herrington.  He spent a few minutes introducing the Studio 10 brand to us and then Patsy herself.  Lovely guy, super passionate about what he does and a lovely confidence in what he is talking about.  He explained that Studio 10 itself was created by Grace Fodor when she hit her 50’s as she was unable to find the kind of make-up she felt she needed.  The range was put together more as a grooming range for women rather than to make them look like they are wearing make-up.


After a few minutes the very striking Patsy Kensit arrived and introduced herself, told us about her morning and how she had been up from 4am to get here (It was after 11am at this point) and how she was confident the make-up applied to her would last her all day.  Then she hopped up on a seat to chat.


She advised us that we should be happy in our own skin and that she doesn’t want to make herself look 35 or 45, “I want to look the best that I can for the age that I am” which btw is 50.  I know what you’re thinking “Say what!?” I will be more than happy if I look like Patsy when I hit 50!

Apparently we should consider make-up as “Spanx for your face, think of it as good underwear that makes the dress look great.”  I really liked this comparison.  I always think we should make the most of keeping our skin healthy and while I am happy for people to go down the route of more extreme treatments if they would like, I really wish nobody was ever made feel they had to.  I actually thanked Patsy for her promo image  showing some real lines and skin texture.  It’s so common for us to see photos airbrushed to “perfection” that we can forget what real people look like.  Personally I want to know other people have lines and imperfections and I don’t want to see 25 year olds advertising wrinkle creams that we know have never helped their skin look good because… well because they are 25! Show me them when they are 45 or 55 and I will be more impressed. (I’m looking at you Dior!)


She then started to talk about specific products such as the Studio 10 Glow Plexion which is the red carpet of her make-up.  She compared it to Nars Orgasim and saying how she feels it has a much better effect on the skin and costs a fraction of the price.  Personally I am not a fan of using other products to try and sell your own and I don’t think there is as much of a price difference between the products as she did however, if you like Nars Orgasim and are looking for a cruelty free dupe, this product may be worth giving a try.  I can’t give you an honest comparison of the two products as I have never used Nars due to them not being a cruelty free brand.


Paul brought up a member of the audience for a demonstration and this lady had her make-up done while Patsy took comments and questions.  The lady who was selected from the audience was over the moon with the results and I did spot her purchasing some products after the talk so she was clearly sincere with her response.


When the talk was over I headed to the well stocked mini make over station to try some products on for myself.  The girls had many shades of everything open and were ready to go as soon as a customer sat down and the queue was pretty mighty so people had loved what they had been hearing and all wanted to try the products for themselves.

I already had a full face of make-up on and so I opted to try the lip liner, the lipstick that doubles up as a blush, Glow-Plexion as they bigged it up so much and a brow pencil as I am in need of a new one soon.


I have to be honest, while I loved the lip liner and lip colour, I was highly unimpressed with the brow pencil.  The colour was fine but it wasn’t great at giving good definition to the shape of my brows.  I was so unimpressed with it that I didn’t even take it as my free sample product.

I purchased the lip products and got the Glow-Plexion mini to try at home.  The Glow-Plexion is nice but I really wouldn’t write home about it.  A subtle glow to the skin and can be mixed in with your flundation.  The Age Reverse lip pencil and Wake up and Glow as a lip colour look good on and apply like butter on the skin but sadly for me they have no staying power.  I put them on this morning and 1 hour later it was almost all gone so I was really disappointed with it, the Wake up and Glow up did stay on my cheeks well though and made a lovely cream blush.  Would I buy them again?  Sadly it’s unlikely.  While I love what the brand stands for and that it is filling a gap in the market for the mature woman, I just feel for those of us happy to invest our time in trying different brands rather than looking for a one stop shop, it isn’t up to standard.






Pamper session with Pixi by Petra in M&S Lisburn!

Today I was lucky enough to get a mini facial and makeup session with the Pixi girls in Marks and Spencers in Sprucefield, Lisburn.

mands insta story

The set up was gorgeous, they had an area set up to display all their products beautifully.  There were 2 director chairs for clients to sit on alongside a range of welcome drinks and snacks.  The also had a selection of arm chairs for anyone unable to get into the director chairs which made the appointments more accessible for anyone with mobility issues.  Overall it was a well thought out set up which made it feel warm and inviting despite being in the middle of a store.

What I love about Pixi is that the brand is not only Cruelty Free but they have a huge variety of Vegetarian and Vegan friendly products.  The also avoid perfumes and parabens so are great for anyone with sensitive skin. I was shocked to see how much of the make-up range they actually had in the Sprucefield store too, way more than the Newry branch so definitely call in to try some pieces next time you are going by.

I took a seat and was offered a drink and a snack while the Pixi girl got everything ready to go.  She started with a cleanse and then applied the Rose Flash Balm with some Rose Oil Blend.  These smelt incredible together, though I confess I am a huge fan of rose as a fragrance so this combo was always going to be a winner for me.

I was then matched with one of their H20 Skin Tinted Face Gels.  I was very dubious because if you know how often I try new foundations, then you may also know how badly some of them sit on my combination skin!  This stuff was lovely and dewy and I was so impressed with that I bought it afterwards and if I am honest, I am sorry I didn’t buy the 2 in 1 Multi Balm in Baby Petal too.  You know when you let somebody try a new product on you, then another and another and by the time you look you almost forget half of what they used?  I’m putting that down as the reason I didn’t buy this product today but I will 100% be going back for it as it blended in so perfectly over the h20 Skin Tinted Face Gel.


I then had mascara, brow pencil and a lip gloss applied before a setting spray and glow mist.  I decided not to go for these make-up items as I currently have I would say about 8 mascaras in my rotation with another new Rodial one to use when the current 8 are done (wish me luck with that!), I don’t often wear lip colour and though the brow pencil was a nice shade, I am still a devout user of the Bare Minerals brow pencil.  I did however buy a setting spray and got the glow mist as a free gift.

After writing about their Pixi Sun Mist in my last blog I also asked if I could try this.  I will confirm it felt light on the skin and misted well, I’m not however convinced that it gave enough coverage on my skin to ensure I was getting the benefit of the full SPF so for now I will stick with the Ultrasun facial SPF (also available in M&S).

pixi purchases

And this, if you were wondering, is what I purchased.  Glow Tonic along with the Make-up Fixing Mist, H20 Skintint and my free Glow Mist.

I was also a very lucky girl when I was gifted a bag of goodies containing some products that they sell in store.


Rodial is a brand which I love and already use and I was very excited to see the Dragons Blood Hyaluronic Tonic as I love it and mine had just run out about a week or so ago (hence buying the Superdrug B. range Hyaluronic facial spritz).  I haven’t however tried the Stem Cell range by Rodial so I am really looking forward to giving these a try.  While I know the Bee Venom moisturiser is highly rated (and very so thank you Marks and Spencers Sprucefield for including this) I need to do a bit more research into it to see if it is vegetarian friendly before I commit to trying it (I know it is one to avoid for the vegans).  I will get back to you on it once I’ve done the research.  The M&S Perfume range is all cruelty free (along with their whole beauty and cleaning range!) so I highly recommend trying them out when you need a new fragrance.

Overall I had a wonderful time in store and I am in love with my new purchases from the Pixi range!  Keep an eye on the M&SBeautyLisburn page for updates on future instore events with Pixi as they do apparently send a brand rep to the store each month!



Pixi after photo 2a
Excuse the messy hair – quick car selfie after leaving the store

All opinions are my own and have not been affected in any way by any free gifts received today.