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Beauty | How to go cruelty free in 2018

Going cruelty free can be a challenge.  It’s tricky to know what products you can use and what you want to avoid when you first start out on your journey to change your beauty products over.  And if I am honest, companies don’t make it easy on us.  Lots of brands will happily tell you they are cruelty free when the reality is they are not.  Others will fob you off and tell you that they comply with EU guidelines and animal testing is illegal in Europe (Which it certainly is) but that doesn’t mean the products haven’t been tested.

So here is my advice on what are you looking out for when it comes to keeping your beauty routine cruelty free.

Check for the Leaping Bunny logo

You will see a lot of bunnies on your journey to cruelty free but not all are equal.  Some brands will pop a bunny on their packaging and state the product is cruelty free.  These bunnies are worthless.  You need to be looking out for the official Leaping Bunny image, this is the only logo to assure a product is 100% cruelty free.  You will still find cruelty free brands that do not pay for the Leaping Bunny (such as Lush) but it sure is a good start to help you on your journey.


Vegan and Cruelty Free are not the same

If a product is listed as vegan, this does not mean it is cruelty free.  Companies such as Loreal have now started to offer “vegan” beauty products.  Sadly this no more makes them cruelty free than the moon is made of cheese.

vegan loreal

If a product is sold in China, then it is not cruelty free

It can be difficult to tell sometimes if a company sell in China, however if you can be sure they retail there, then you can be sure their products are tested on animals.  Sadly the Chinese government require products to be tested on animals by law before they can be sold in the country.  No matter how much care and attention a company has paid to its production of products, their efforts are undone the second they enter the Chinese market.

However do not confuse this for products made in China.  Products can be made in China and do not require any animal testing so long as they are not sold in the country.

loreal china

Google is your friend

We are blessed to be able to use our phones and laptops to check if products we wish to purchase are cruelty free.  There are so many wonderful resources out there to help you such as Logical Harmony, Ethical Elephant, Cruelty Free Kitty and Peta who all have their own lists for what brands are cruelty free.


You are on a journey and not every choice you make will be correct but it is important to forgive yourself for any mistakes.  It isn’t your fault, if only it was easier for you to know which products fit in line with your ethics.  You have made a choice to commit to small changes to your beauty routine and that is wonderful.  My advice is if in doubt, double check and if you need a quick replacement for an old product but have no time to research then stick to safe brands that you know you can walk into a pick cruelty free products with ease from such as Lush, Marks and Spencer own brand, Superdrug own brand and Aldi own brand.

This is actually my store where you will find me in most days of the week.  A 100% cruelty free business I am proud to work for.



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Beauty Review | July Lush Haul

I don’t tend to go nuts buying as much in Lush as others.  I loved the store before I worked there for it’s skincare range and I still tend to love skincare products the most and so only buy a few bath products a month for myself and the kids.

DSC_0737.JPGLast week the new Paint Brushes launched and I knew my kids would love them.  These bad boys are reuseable wands to do around 5 bubble baths BUT and it’s a big but for a reason, you can PAINT the bubbles with them!  Come on now, what kid wouldn’t love to be able to paint pictures in their own bubble bath?  I picked up the pink and blue ones which smell of Snow Fairy (bubblegum) and mint.

Butterball is such an under appreciated product.  It smells beautiful, like baby powder and it leaves your skin silky soft.  I always love bubbles with a Butterball so I grabbed one to pop in my bath along with a Creamy Candy I have at home already.

Next on my pamper list was Catastrophe Cosmetic.  This is one of the Fresh Masks from Lush and it is hands down my favorite.  It absorbs excess oil with the calamine powder, softens with the Irish moss seaweed and those blueberries are packed with anti-oxidants to help fight the signs of ageing.


We had an in-store product making session going on too where customers could make their own jasmine scented Sex Bomb.  I made a cheeky bath bomb too as there was some kit left over at the end of the session.  Those compounders in the Lush factory do a far superior job to my effort but it’s always fun to make products in store (in fact, did you know Lush do birthday parties too and you can arrange to make your own products during the party?).

I had also purchased a Gorgeous moisturiser which I forgot to photograph before gifting to my mum as a thank you for taking the kids overnight.  Gorgeous is a bit of an ouch price for a lot of people but it’s my mums favorite so I daren’t deviate and always get her it when she needs it.

Super pleased with all the bits I got today and I know they will all be used and loved.

Do you have any favorite Lush products?  Which ones do you use the most often?

Emmy x

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Lush Fathers Day Products 2018 Review

It’s that time of year again when the sun starts to peep out and we all get our thinking caps on for what to buy our dad or partners for Fathers Day.


Lush have a whole range of products coming out on Friday 11th May and if I’m honest I really do love a lot of this years choices.  It’s also worth noting the whole range is naked and so great choices for the environmentally conscious dad looking to avoid excess packaging.

If you have a fan of the Dirty fragrance in your house then you are in such good luck because not only do they have the naked shower gel in but also Dirty scented soap!

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the Dirty naked shower gel at the September showcase in 2017.  I make no secret of the fact I love the naked shower gels!  To give you an idea of how long they last,I’m still using a Twilight one I bought on November 1st last year!  Okay it’s rather small now but I for sure will get another month out of it and I shower every other day.  I love the fact it saves plastic from landfill.

The soap can be used to make a face but only if you buy 3 bits.  While I know the smell is loved in my house I will not be buying 3 bits just for the sake of letting the kids make a face for 5 minutes.


The Superdad bath bomb makes a return, sharing a beautiful sandalwood fragrance with anyone who comes into contact with it.  I love sandalwood, it’s a really comforting happy smell for me so I also love the smell of this little guy.


The Modfather is also back.  I’m not a lover of citrus smells and don’t find the fragrance of this one great so it won’t be on my “to buy” list but worth a sniff if you enjoy a citrus fragrance.


Fun For All The Family is the final offering for the Fathers day bath range.  Shaped like a Sheriff badge, this reusable bubble spinner will offer enough baths for all the family if dad will share.


The solid beard oil “No Trouble” also smells amazing.  It’s made with softening jojoba oil and has a lovely woody fragrance that brings joy to my heart.  Good to keep beards in a soft and healthy condition while making them smell amazing.

You can of course still get your dad his favouites from the Lush all year round range as the store is 100% cruelty free and all products are clearly marked for what is vegan and vegetarian, sharing that cruelty free love 💕

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The best cruelty free advent calendars for 2017

I get it, it’s only October and you don’t want to think about Christmas yet BUT if you want one of the really good beauty advent calendars you generally need to get in there early to avoid disappointment because some of them are already selling out!

I have been browsing my favorite brands and here are my top suggestions for Cruelty Free Beauty advent calendars for 2017.

The Body Shop, £45-£99 (Vegetarian)

These guys have not one, not two but three options ranging from £45 – £99 depending on the budget you want to stick to.  The great thing with these ones is you get more product value than you pay for the calendar.  There are however none suitable for vegans which is a real shame when they had 3 boxes to play with.


Lush, £67.50 (Vegan)

Lush gift boxes are always beautiful at Christmas and this year is no exception.  The 2017 range again includes the 12 days of Christmas which is as aesthetically pleasing as always and vegan friendly.  At £67.50 it does work out more than buying the products individually but if like me you love the boxes and reuse them then it’s a winner!


Sleek, £35 (Vegetarian)

This one looks like it has already sold out but may still be available in your store if you are lucky.  It is also part of their popular Christmas 3 for 2 mix and match. Packed with loads of beautiful cosmetics it’s a sure fire winner for anyone who loves makeup treats and also contains some exclusive items!



NYX, £50 (Vegetarian)

Lip lovers rejoice, this advent calendar by NYX is for you.  24 lipsticks to see you through the Christmas season and more with a variety of colours and textures to suit everyone.


Soap and Glory, £40 (not vegetarian or vegan)

Also taking part in the Boots 3 for 2 offer is the Soap and Glory “it’s a calendar, girls” which is filled with sweet smelling delights.  All items are minis and perfect for anyone who likes to try smaller sizes of new products or for putting into your travel bag.


Revolution, £50 – currently on offer for £30 in Superdrug (Unsure)

Perfect selection of makeup for a beauty enthusiast with this calendar containing a range of products for the face, eyes and lips.  If you love your hilighters then I also feel this will be a winner for you.


Revolution, £120 currently on offer for £70 in Superdrug (Unsure)

Say what now? Revolution again? Well, yes.  They also have this fabulous Christmas Tree advent calendar available with a great range of makeup and brushes hidden in its boxes.


Charlotte Tilbury, £150 (would be vegan if it weren’t for the lip colours)

Another 12 day option with beautiful high end products.  Note that they sometimes use carmine (yuck!) And i believe they use it in the lip colours.  Fine if you just want cruelty free, not so much for veggies and vegans.


Superdrug Bloom, £24 but currently on offer for £12 (vegan)

12 days of new fragrances with this cute little offering from Superdrug.  Perfect if you aren’t looking any new makeup but enjoy trying new scents.


Superdrug Studio London festive as beauty, £16 currently on offer for £8 (vegetarian)

If you don’t want to commit to a big spend on a cosmetics advent calendar then this is a great option with lots of fun cosmetics to try out.  It contains everything from eyeshadow quads to mascara and lip gloss.  I’d say It would also be perfect for a teenager starting to experiment with make-up.



Bare Minerals box of wonders, £75 (shockingly neither vegetarian nor vegan!)

Amazing value for money as it contains £238 worth of product.  A 24 day calendar and a must for any Bare Minerals devotee.  It’s such a shame it includes Carmine or I think this would have been my first choice of advent calendar for 2017!

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Lush Creative Showcase 2017

I’ve spent the last 2 days in London at the Lush Creative Showcase and it was even more magical than I had expected!


The queue to get in was pretty massive at 9:05 when we arrived but the wait was worth it.

The usual Lush smell was there and everywhere you looked there were contraptions, bright colours and a giant slide?!  I mean who doesnt want to go down a slide to change floors!

To our right surrounded in a rainbow of beanbags was the stage we would later see Brian May and Jeremy Corbyn speak on.  To our left we could see skincare and product making and bath bombs… and did I mention the slide? (Yes, I am a big fan of the slide idea).


There were some pretty special products including giant Golden Wonder bath bombs.  These are 6 times the size of a normal Golden Wonder and boy can you feel the weight when you lift them up.


Naked products and reduction of packaging were a big part of this years showcase.  I will be forever amazed at the ways Lush reduce their packaging year after year, it’s a big part of why I love them.

This year’s inventions included the Naked shower gels, solid skin conditioners, solid body lotions, solid lip scrubs and solid lip balms.  Having tried the solid shower gel I have to say I am a convert, they don’t dry the skin out like soap sometimes can but you can drop them and the lid wont break like on a shower gel bottle and that’s a winner for me.  The shower conditioners and body lotions felt rather amazing too.  The jury is out on the lip scrubs and lip tints until I get to try them properly but they do seem to do what they say on the tin so to speak.


We got to spend some time exploring new inventions and stumbled upon them working on 3d printed soap and bath melts.  They had a stand showing a new programme I can’t wait for you all to try called Lush Concierge, a bit like Siri but for all things Lush.  We also got to see what it’s like to work in the factory by packing our own gifts which then went to Oxford Street to be sold on the Christmas Launch day.


So much information and I haven’t even mentioned the sparkle jars! This year we will have Twilight and Snow Fairy dusting powder in a solid massage bar styled like a trinket box.  Even Santa and his elves were enjoying the look of them.


Upstairs we had a swag shop, a Christmas shop to buy the new products and bikes you could peddle to charge your phone – clever!


I could go on and include so much more that they had on show and activities people could take part in, I wont but what I will say is that you should for sure visit the Creative Showcase in 2018 if you can to experience the magic yourself and that Christmas 2017 is the best range I’ve seen yet.

I will close the post with photos of some of my favourite products coming into local stores on October 6th!  But for now you can shop for Christmas in Oxford Street and online at





Reduce, reuse, recycle. When items get new life.

I may have squealed in work yesterday when a random bag arrived in our delivery because this jug was inside.


My pretty new jug

In Lush we have a green hub that tries to distribute items no longer being used to people who will use them (be it to charity or to staff). A few weeks ago there was an email offering some display items from the spas that included a range oc items such as sugar bowls, mugs, loaf tins and enamel jugs. I didn’t think I stood a chance of getting one of the jugs due to there only being 2 available but I emailed a request in and as you can see, I got one 😀

I’m actually allergic to flowers but think I shall get some dried lavender to pop in the jug and set it in the hall to make me smile when I go in and out of the house.

I love that our company does its best to never just bin usable items. It breaks my heart seeing a dumpster or skip filled with items that had the store spent a bit of time, they could have found homes for them.  Last summer i walked past a store that will remain unnamed and it had a dumpster it was filling with old notebooks, calendars and annuals.  And when I say filling it, I mean FILLING it.  All I could think was “why are they not donating these to schools or youth groups to use for crafting?!”
Does your work run a similar scheme to Lush? Or is it something you could think of suggesting?


An example of this style of jug being used in a display at Lush Leeds

Lush are a step above the rest when it comes to breastfeeding mums!


I make no bones about telling people I love my job because I really do.  I’ve worked for Lush for 4 years and been on maternity leave twice in that time.  Most recently I returned to work just over a month ago when Ethan was 8 months old.

Ethan like my girls is breastfed, however, unlike my girls he won’t take a bottle and barely takes a drop from a cup.  We have tried a variety of formula brands all of which he rejected and I express in work to send a bottle of expressed milk in for him to refuse to drink in nursery each day.  Because of this, he drinks a lot of milk during the night to make up for what he isn’t drinking during the day.

Fast forward to me being asked to go to Cardiff with work for a managers meeting…. for 4 days!  There is no way I could leave Ethan for 3 nights when he is refusing fluids other than his breastfeeds.   Queue the people support team being asked if I could bring Ethan with me to the meeting.  I figured I could either keep him with me at all times or leave him with a responsible adult during meetings to still enable me to nurse him morning, evening and night to ensure he has enough fluids.

Their response was overwhelmingly good!  Not only did they say I could bring Ethan but they would also pay for me to bring somebody to watch him while I was in meetings.  Yes, they are flying me over with Ethan and my mum for the 4 day trip to ensure that I feel supported in both my return to work and in my breastfeeding journey.

Lush have made some amazing changes in the last 6 months, from paying all staff the living wage to increasing maternity pay to 6 months full pay before statutory maternity pay kicks in. And from my experience I also believe they are going above and beyond what is expected to keep staff supported and motivated with regards to returning to work after having a baby.  Heck, they even pay for 20 hours of nursery care each week to help take the financial strain off mothers returning to work.

So many women struggle to return to work after a baby and I feel very lucky to work for Lush, to feel that they really do have my back when it comes to maternity leave, returning to work and breastfeeding.   Here is hoping that while they continue to make positive changes and lead the way, the paving slabs they leave on their route will guide other companies to start treating the mothers on their teams with the same level of support and respect that I have experienced.

Without Lush helping make my return to work so pleasent, I can honestly say it is quite likely that not only wouldn’t I be going to this meeting, I quite likely would have contemplated not returning to work for a few years.  I know some mum’s enjoy staying at home and have the support to do so but I both need to work for financial reasons and for my sanity, though in spite of loving my job juggling kids, work and childcare is still bloody hard work so thank you Lush for making it as easy and financially viable as possible for me to come back to work after baby number 3.  You quite simply rock as an employer.