May TILI box | Review of the Cruelty Free Beauty Contents

I was browsing the QVC website and spotted the TILI (Try it love it) box for £20 with free delivery.  I quickly scanned the contents to check what was and wasn’t cruelty free and was over the moon that only one sample size eye cream wasn’t cruelty free.  As the item that wasn’t cruelty free was a sample size that I am sure the company gave to the box for free, I decided to buy the box and give the product away much the same way as I would with a sample in a magazine that I won’t use.

So let’s start with the full size –

Percy & Reed Dry Instant Volumising Spray:


I hadn’t actually realised Percy and Reed were cruelty free until I double checked before ordering.  Spray it into the roots of dry hair and work it in to give your hair volume without any stickiness.  It would be great for anyone with flat hair or thinning hair.  I imagine I would have loved this after having the kids because my hair always got very thin after giving birth.

£12 retail price


Nails Inc in Duke Street:


I LOVE Nails Inc.  It’s a brand I go to again and again and I have a good lot of nail polish in my stash by them.  This is a full size standard polish in their old packaging (I believe all bottles are now a curved rectangular rather than circular shape) in a grey purple shade.  Their polish always wears well and so I was well chuffed to have this in the box even if it is in the old packaging.

£15 retail price in new packaging


Magn!tone London, Wipe Out:


I’m torn on this one.  Its a pretty effective product, it feels like a fleecy face cloth and it will remove makeup without water.  Personally I do 100% rather using a cleanser to feel clean. I appreciate that this cloth will negate the need for using makeup wipes or cotton wool rounds which is great for the environment but as they are made of microfibre they still release microplastics when washed which is where I feel conflicted.  I avoid beauty products with microplastics in them so feel this may fall into the same category?

£7.49 retail price


Elemis, Superfood Facial Wash and Pixi, Rose Tonic –


These were the 2 items I was most looking forward to trying out.  I generally enjoy these brands and wanted to try these products to see what I thought.

The Pixi Rose Tonic is lovely to use in the mornings, I have used it for the last few days and found it super gentle on the skin.  This is a 40ml sample size but I can easily see myself buying the full size bottle when it is done.

I have also been using the Elemis Superfood Facial Wash for the last few days morning and night, again a sample size of 30ml.  It has a lovely consistency and works into the skin really easily, leaving my face feeling fresh and clean.  However, the smell is an acquired taste. The best way to describe it is that it smells green?  It has a lot of green contents such as kale and broccoli so I guess this is what gives it that particular fragrance

I’m sure I’ve heard Caroline Hiron say to buy cleansers you like the smell of because then you know you will use them.  While I don’t think you need to love the smell of your cleanser, you for sure have to not hate it and on those grounds this would not be something I would buy again.

Pixi Rose Tonic, £10 for 100ml.  Elemis Superfood Facial Wash, £25 for 150ml


Molton Brown Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner:


Again I wasn’t aware Molton Brown were cruelty free until a few months ago so it has been a long time from I have used any of their products.  I normally swear by Lush hair products in the shower and was really surprised at how much I enjoyed using these.  While not that easy to get the product out of the mini bottles, they smelt amazing when I was using them!  My hair felt as soft and clean as I would expect and I enjoyed the products.  Definitely feel encouraged to try more of their hair care range in the future.

£18 each for a 300ml bottle


Vitamin Zooki and Vita Liberata Body Blur:

I have tried the Vita Libarata Body Blur on my arm and the colour does blend in really easily without any biscuity smells.  I feel confident enough in its ease of application that I will give it a go on my face and update you on how well that works out.

The vitamin zooki I can’t say anything good about other than I guess it’s a way to increase your vitamin intake?  It was syrup like and tastes pretty grim.  If you really feel the need to increase your vitamin intake without a change in diet then go for the Boots or Sainsbury own brand versions of Berocca, much tastier.


So there you have it, was it value for money?  Well, for £20 I would say that yes it was worth it and it was fun to try out all the new products and find some new products I will happily continue to use.  You can still purchase the May box on the QVC website here


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