Cruelty free Sunscreen for all the family

Sunscreen is one of those things we should all be using to protect our skin from damage and those pesky signs of aging.  Regularly when advising people to wear sunscreen people ask me “yeah but where can you get a cruelty free one?” and so with that in mind and the sunshine starting to peep out, I’ve thrown together a few of my favorites to set you on your way to your perfect match when it comes to cruelty free sunscreen.


Ultrasun new range web

I make it no secret that I love Ultrasun and I use their facial SPF on the daily.  It isn’t the cheapest but it does dry in with a lovely matte finish making it so easy to apply my make-up over the top.

Ultrasun provide a great range to cover all bases when it comes to SPF and even do a range of SPF with “Glimmer” for those of us who like to shine.  If you have delicate skin, I know you have to worry that little bit more about sun protection but this one is also a winner for you as they have products that are especially good for sensitive skin.  Their range has no perfumes, no preservatives and a dry touch technology to stop you feeling greasy.

You can grab the Ultrasun range in M&S via QVC or through their own website here.

(The Ultrasun range is vegan friendly with the exception of their lip products which are vegetarian)

Pixi Sun Mist

Pixi Sun Mist SPF

Pixi aren’t exactly well known for their sunscreen as the range is limited but they do have this great product for spraying under or over your make-up.

With our face being exposed to the elements more than the rest of our body I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to get SPF on our faces daily.  Sometimes your make-up or moisturiser will have an SPF built in but I would rather my moisturiser do what I buy it to do – moisturise, so I put mine on as a separate stage.  I tend to give my face a few minutes for my moisturiser to sink in before adding SPF and then another minute or so to be sure it is dry before I apply makeup.

Again this is available in M&S and on their website here.

(The Pixi Sun Mist is suitable for vegans)


Superdrug Solait SPF

Let’s hear it for Superdrug!  Superdrug is a store who offer cruelty free products by the bucket load as their own brand products are all 100% cruelty free.

With Superdrug being a high street store that is accessible to most of us and with a price point that is pretty pocket friendly, I can imagine many of us will be wearing this over the summer.  I know my kids will be wearing it for sure!  My kids always seem to use so much more sunscreen than adults.  Between their sports days, playing out at nursery and those days at the beach when they are running around all day refusing to keep their sun hats on or to stay in the shade in favour of wearing nothing but their swim wear and sunscreen I end up going through loads of it on the 3 of them.

You can check out the Solait range in store or on their website here and is currently on buy one get one half price.

(The Solait range is vegan friendly)


Lacura sun screen

Lacura is an Aldi own brand and if you weren’t aware already, 2018 became the year Aldi went all out on the cruelty free front and all of their own brand products are now leaping bunny certified.

Sadly I have no Aldi near me (honestly, it pains me as I REALLY want to try their hot cloth cleanser!) and I am unable to say if the range is suitable for vegans.  If you live near a store and do the grocery shop there then do have a look at the range when you are next in store and you can let me know if it looks like a vegan friendly range.

You can buy the Lacura range in Aldi or on the Aldi website.

Sun Smart


My 5th and final suggestion for your sunscreen is the M&S own brand Sun Smart.  All these cruelty free own brands show that stores really are picking up on the fact that the cruelty free market IS important to get into.  We are an ever growing group of people demanding cruelty free products every time we vote with our money and refuse to buy from brands who are still testing on animals when it clearly isn’t needed.

As with Superdrug and Aldi, M&S own brand beauty products are all cruelty free and with them stocking so many other cruelty free brands alongside their own, it really is a haven for cruelty free shoppers to flock to.

As with the other own brands, you can pick this up in any Marks and Spencers store or on their website.  The Sun Smart range is currently 30% off so grab it quick if you’re off on an early summer holiday.

(This range is listed as suitable for vegetarians)

Have I missed any of your favorite cruelty free suncare brands?  Feel free to comment below to let us know of other suncare ranges we should be checking out.


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