Reduce, reuse, recycle. When items get new life.

I may have squealed in work yesterday when a random bag arrived in our delivery because this jug was inside.


My pretty new jug

In Lush we have a green hub that tries to distribute items no longer being used to people who will use them (be it to charity or to staff). A few weeks ago there was an email offering some display items from the spas that included a range oc items such as sugar bowls, mugs, loaf tins and enamel jugs. I didn’t think I stood a chance of getting one of the jugs due to there only being 2 available but I emailed a request in and as you can see, I got one 😀

I’m actually allergic to flowers but think I shall get some dried lavender to pop in the jug and set it in the hall to make me smile when I go in and out of the house.

I love that our company does its best to never just bin usable items. It breaks my heart seeing a dumpster or skip filled with items that had the store spent a bit of time, they could have found homes for them.  Last summer i walked past a store that will remain unnamed and it had a dumpster it was filling with old notebooks, calendars and annuals.  And when I say filling it, I mean FILLING it.  All I could think was “why are they not donating these to schools or youth groups to use for crafting?!”
Does your work run a similar scheme to Lush? Or is it something you could think of suggesting?


An example of this style of jug being used in a display at Lush Leeds

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