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Reducing waste when cooking


It’s fair to say I utterly deplore waste.  I try to avoid it and recycle literally everything posssible.  Kitchen foil and baking paper really do my head in because you can’t do anything to recycle them here!

My mum bought me a Pyrex glass oven tray at Christmas and it was easily one of my favorite gifts this year and at last I have bought more of them and some silicone baking sheets.  No more kitchen foil and baking paper – hurrah.

So if you need new oven trays in your life or you bake a lot…. get thee to Amazon and order yourself some.  My pyrex was £6 per tray and £9.99 for the pack of 2 silicone baking sheets.  I also ordered some cotton reusable wipes to wipe the kids hands and faces as I’ve misplaced a load of ours so all in all, it was a fairly green shop.



2 thoughts on “Reducing waste when cooking”

  1. We use Pyrex glass storage containers to store food (we have between 10 and 12, I’d say) but I had no idea Pyrex made glass baking sheets!! Thanks so much for sharing!


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