Dear Bare Minerals

Dear Bare Minerals,

I want to love your brand, I really do.  I use several of your products and I can’t imagine ever changing brow pencil now I have yours in my life but can we talk about foundations?

I have on 3 different occasions gone to try to be matched to foundations at your counters in the hope I can can change to using your brand.  Saturday was my 3rd visit and it started much the same as my last 2 visits which is like this;

I visit with no foundation on, I explain what my skin is like (combination, mainly oily but some dryness on my forehead occasionally thanks to aging), what I like from a foundation and that I do not use powders because I don’t want them sitting in my fine lines.

This time the sales girl tried to tell me I have combination skin because I don’t moisturise enough.  You have no idea how hard it was for me to hold my tongue because all I wanted to do was educate her!  I not only moisturise morning and night but I also use a serum and eye cream religiously.  I’m a qualified beauty therapist as well as working for a cosmetic company that provides amazing skincare training so I know my combination skin isn’t a reason for me to go and buy a new moisturiser.

But I digress,  my main problem is the foundation application.  Every time I visit the product is applied with a brush and every time, it is applied so poorly there is zero chance I would buy the foundation because I have no idea what it actually would look like blended in!  This weekend I quickly looked in the mirror while she went to get a powder to “set” the foundation (remember me saying I don’t do powder?) And I could see the product was applied far too heavily so tried to rub it in a little with my fingers to blend it more evenly.  I couldn’t. There was honestly that much product that all I managed to do was remove a few of the obvious brush strokes that were visible on my cheeks, I didn’t even get a chance to get rid of the brush stroke I could see down my nose before she was ready to plonk the unwanted powder over the top.

In fairness the colour match seemed good but again I have no idea how it would look and what kind of coverage I would get applying it correctly.  Even my 16 year old niece who was with me (and who is still very heavy handed with her foundation application) said it looked terrible on my skin.  Needless to say I ended up going to another counter, had a colour match done on my neck and bought their foundation there and then.  The sale I wanted to give you gone for another few months until I’m running low again.  You can understand that foundation is important to most women and we don’t want to spend our hard earned cash on a bottle that doesn’t work for us and ends up discarded to the corner of the bathroom.

So am I just unlucky that this has happened 3 times in 2 stores? Or could it be that your staff need better training on application and blending?  I would even be happy to be left alone with a mirror to try the products on my own but this never seems to be an option as the girls always ask you to sit down (which is lovely and I love that they want to help me find products, I just wish they did it well).

Please see examples of how my face looked when I got home to wash my face after my visit.

Once with a flash and once without to give you a view of how tragic a job it was and remember this is after I had blended the foundation into my cheeks more evenly to remove the brush strokes.  I would say the foundation had been on my skin perhaps an hour? And there is quite obvious shine despite the powder usage.

Please can you ask your staff to blend foundation on evenly or to give customers a sponge to buff it in themselves if they can’t get it blended. I no doubt will try to go back again in a few months to try again because I love trying new products and I really would love to leave the counter with a foundation and not just my much loved brow pencil or occasional mascara.

Lots of love,

An unhappy and frustrated Me x

Christmas, Happiness

Start the day with a smile on your face.

Christmas is done and Annabelle is back at school and we are well and truly back into the normal run of life.

We had a nice Christmas and I feel really pleased that this was our best year ever receiving gifts that are genuinely useful and long lasting for us as a family.  You wouldn’t believe how excited I got over a Pyrex glass oven tray!  I normally feel inward sadness when we get silly gifts I know will end up in the bin due to breaking easy or in the charity shop and to not have that feeling was amazing.

One of the best gifts I received was a little “jar of smiles”.  I got it back at my works Christmas dinner as my secret santa gift.  I started opening the notes on January 1st and have been taking one out each day since.

Normally when it’s dark and I get up tired to start getting annabelle set for school I feel quite grumpy but I have smiled every day when I have pulled a slip out of my jar to read and I can’t think of a better way to start the day now.

So if you feel like you want to start your day on a positive note feel free to check out my instagram as I’ve been sharing the feel good messages with my friends by photographing the note I pull out.  We might as well share the smiles!