5 things you genuinely won’t know about Lush… unless you work for them.

I always see lists of things I won’t know about Lush and then they start by telling me about getting samples or claiming a free mask with my 5 clean black pots. Yawn.  If you are a fan of Lush these are things you for sure already know!

So I thought I would let you into some secrets of the staff and things you genuinely might not know.

  1. We like to have fun.  I don’t just mean the shop staff, I mean the compounders, the packers, EVERYONE.  Our bath bombs and bubble bars arrive into store in big boxes and often they packers and compounders will have a little fun with it.  You may find a note or a cheeky drawing on the box.  Last week our store had a box come in and written on it was the name of a new musician and a song title, of course the staff googled it and listened to it.  They also loved the song, all thanks to a packer sharing the love.  Other times they might make a product look a little funny/cute like this butterbear with a heart that Lush Leeds received to give them a smile this week ❤

    Photo credit @HarryKRogers @LushLeedsSpa
  2. Our manager meetings are all vegetarian or vegan.  Lush do their best to stay true to their ethics right down to the manager meeting food being meat free.  It used to all be vegan but I believe in recent years it has had a few vegetarian options.  Of course staff can eat whatever they like when working and do not have to be vegetarian or vegan, however if the company are paying for it, this is what they provide.  It is lovely food though.  I especially love when desserts are themed around products!

    A Cinders themed pudding from 2015 managers meeting
  3. ALL staff get Christmas gifts.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The company send us all gifts (In the UK anyway).  We generally get a staff box with a selection of Christmas products to try and then at some point we get sent a big box full of Booja Booja chocolates (yummy! I have serious love for the hazelnut ones).

    This years generous and beautiful staff box.
  4. Staff can talk to the founders/owners of Lush. Unlike most companies, we know who owns and runs our company as it is 100% possible to talk to them.  It doesn’t matter if you are a store manager or a sales assistant working 4 hours a week.  We can all join the Lush staff page and post our concerns, questions or funny stories and praises.  These can be things you just want to share with the rest of the staff or put to the product inventors and founders.  They are actually pretty great at answering questions if I am honest.  Helen gives wonderful answers to questions regarding products or ingredients and Mark likes to give us insights into what he is working on.
  5. We count in Christmases.  When working for Lush you will also find we tend not to count how long we have been with the company in years from when we started…. we count the Christmases.  If you happened to start as a temp at Christmas this works out well because when you have been with the company for only 1 year you can say “I’ve been here 2 Christmases” which sounds longer.  I think it’s kind of cute as most of us really do love Christmas

So there you have it, a few things about Lush you probably didn’t know unless you work for Lush too.  Genuinely one of the best jobs I have ever had and a company who share my values and ethics to keep beauty cruelty free and be as environmentally conscious as possible in the process.  If you have ever thought it would be nice to work for Lush then I can confirm it is true.  It’s fabulous to work for them and I am technically on Christmas number 4 this year 🙂

Me loving my work Christmas 2015  x

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