12 Days of Christmas – best Christmas movies to watch!

I know people like to count with their advent calendar from December 1st but there is something about the 12 days before Christmas that is so much more fun.  So for me the count down is officially on!

One thing I adore about Christmas is Christmas movies.  Yes, even the ones channel 5 show or the stuff on the Hallmark channel.  I’m a sucker for everything festive.

This week I roped in Annabelle to help me pick out the best movies of Christmas and here are the top 12 Christmas movies that me and the kids will 100% be watching in the run up to Christmas:

  1. Elf.  Top of the list is always going to be Elf!  This is actually my favorite movie of all time!
  2. The Polar Express.  I know some people really don’t like this movie but this movie just says Christmas to my kids and reminds me of curling up on the sofa with only the Christmas lights on to watch it on Christmas eve.
  3. Home Alone 1.  Heck we might even watch Home Alone 2 after it but for sure won’t put on 3.
  4. The Santa Clause.  I love Tim Allen!  He was one of the faces of my childhood as I loved Home Improvement…. and the fact he is in so many Christmas movies!
  5. Christmas with the Kranks.  See my reasons above.
  6. Miracle on 34th Street.  This one is just so lovely.  I mean the real Santa is even in this one, what’s not to love ❤
  7. Arthur Christmas.  Everyone wants to be the one to make sure somebody has the best Christmas going so we can all relate to Arthur.
  8. The Nativity.  This is one of Annabelles favorites!
  9. Love Actually.  Its obligatory to watch this right?  It might be a little sad to watch this year though now Alan Rickman has died.
  10. White Christmas. I always used to avoid the older movies, they bored me and reminded me of waiting for Sunday dinner as a child while my uncle watched old black and white movies but then I caught this on one year and it fast became a favorite.
  11. Get Santa.  This isn’t one I think I have seen, Annabelle has picked it out to watch this year and she assures me it is funny.
  12. How the Grinch stole Christmas.  Apparently this is being remade for 2018 with Benedict Cumberbatch, not sure how I feel about that but I think the original is marvelous.  It’s all about Cindy Lou Whos hair for me 🙂  Hard to believe how old it is, this movie just doesn’t feel old to me!

Bonus movie – Annie Claus is Coming to Town.  Okay so this was a straight to TV movie as far as I am aware, but it’s lovely and cheesy and I have watched it the last few years in a row.  I wouldn’t say to put it top of your to watch list but if you want to watch a load of Christmas movies, add it on!

What are your must watch movies?  Any you think I should add to our list? Any on our list that you just hate?


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