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First night out after having a baby…

Ethan is 3 months old today and Saturday was my work Christmas party.  I know I am on maternity leave but I love my team at Lush and I wanted to enjoy the night out with them.

The bit that most people find hard was actually my less stressful part, picking an outfit and some jewellery to go with it.  Although stupidly I didn’t realise one of the strands on my necklace was broken when I bought it.  Thankfully it was an easy fix with some Loctite glue though, yeay!  Secret Santa buying was a little tricky as I had never met the girl I was buying for but I went for safe options, a sparkly glass photo frame, scented candles and chocolate – if you work for Lush it is almost a given you will love these things… except the chocolate, my risk was i didn’t know if she was vegan (she wasn’t).

Me all excited and ready to go.

The tricky bit is that Ethie pants is breastfed.  I went out and bought a new baby bottle and some formula to save me having to express and had it all on the bench sterilised and ready before I left.  I fed Ethan at 7 and left the house at 7:15 … got half way to my destination and then had to go home again as I forgot my secret Santa gift whoops.  I left again at 7:45, Ethan was sound asleep and I got to the restaurant for 8:15.

I was doing that thing, you know the one, where you constantly keep glancing at your phone to see if it is flashing to say you have a message?  I gave into my anxiousness and by 9:30 text only to find Ethan was still .  Phew, I was mighty impressed he was giving his daddy an easy night.  A false sense of security really as then he started to stir.  Daddy got the bottle ready and the milk warmed up, thinking he was on the ball but Ethan had other ideas.  The poor wee man went into melt down, refused point blank to take his bottle and cried his wee heart out no matter how much daddy cuddled and tried to distract him.

I managed to shovel the last bit of dessert into me before everyone else had even started theirs and vanished to head home by 10pm to my hungry little man.  I was home by 10:30 which meant he was fed only 3 1/2 hours after his last feed in spite of him acting like he had been starved for days.  This photo is the wee scamp once I had fed him.  As if nothing was ever wrong ha!


Despite the mini drama of the wee man only wanting mummy to feed him, I had an enjoyable (all be it brief) time out with my friends.  I loved meeting the Christmas temps we have this year and I’m rather sad I haven’t had the joy of working with them as they seem a rather smart and lovely bunch.

I also brought home the most wonderful secret Santa gift.  My love for chocolate is well known and I was gifted super festive white chocolate and peppermint M&Ms and what looked like a little storage jar.  It was only when I read the tag I realised how wonderful the jar was, it contains 31 little folded up pieces of paper each with a motivational/inspirational note.  I love any excuse to start the day on a high and so I plan to use this gift for the month of January to keep myself starting the days off positively.


With regards to the M&Ms I had to google to check the red food colouring was veggie friendly and true story, apparently it is made from coal!?  Very very odd…. I still ate it though!

So what would I take from my slightly failed attempt at my first night out?  If there is an event coming up and you can’t bring the baby, just plan to go to it anyway.  If it doesn’t work and you have to go home so be it.  You still get the fun of dressing up and getting out of the house didn’t you?  Worst case scenario, you go home early.  There is no point in not enjoying the time you are there and no point beating yourself up over leaving early and the baby getting a bit upset over their milk not arriving in their format of choice.


3 thoughts on “First night out after having a baby…

  1. Sounds like a great night out,sometimes you only need an hour or two away to have a nice night.You looked lovely and Ethan is so cute 😊


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