Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer review

I am never loyal to a brand when it comes to my make-up but I am often loyal to products.  At the moment this is one of those products I am happy to buy over and over without avidly looking for an alternative.

I am quite lucky that I rarely suffer any breakouts (I think I had my life’s worth in my teens and early 20s!) so I only use my concealer for hiding the bags under my eyes and sometimes a little contouring.

I am what I like to call super pale.  My sister and I both are actually.  Irish genetics aren’t really known to give you much more than pale pasty skin to be fair and it can make it difficult to find foundations and concealers that match my skin well.  This is the very reason I stick like glue with products like this when match my skin.

Note the spirals on the wand from me wiggling the stick to remove it without

My one negative I will get out of the way now and that is opening the tube.  The wand doesn’t come out smoothly and I find I have to wiggle it to get it out gently without splattering concealer onto a nearby surface or my clothes.  In the beginning when I pulled the wand out, I did exactly that, got it on my clothes or on my bathroom wall.  If Urban Decay could fix that, that would make it perfect.

The colour blends really well and has a good medium to full coverage.  It doesn’t feel heavy on the under eye area and I also find it very easy to blend my foundation over this product.

You an see the colour blends to a point you can’t even see it.

Ingredients wise, apparently the Japanese green tea revitalizes and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines which I am never going to complain about because being in my 30s I am always interested in products that will help me minimise the wrinkles I have and avoid gaining new wrinkles.  I wouldn’t call it a huge selling point because I haven’t noticed it making the lines around my eyes any better but it can’t hurt right?

On the cruelty free aspect, Urban Decay do not test their products on ingredients on animals.  They also do not retail in China, however I know some people aren’t happy with Urban Decay because of their parent company.  But I believe in voting with my feet and I am happy to spend my money with Urban Decay, I believe it shows the big brands like L’Oreal that there is a demand for cruelty free beauty and they need to get behind the movement and support it by making more of their brands cruelty free.


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