Weight Loss

Pregnant and doing Slimming World

I didn’t go to Slimming World when I was pregnant with Annabelle  and after she was born and I had gained almost 4 stone!  I also didn’t go when I was pregnant with Amelia, same story, I had gained over 3 stone.  It was six months after I had Amelia I joined Slimming World.  I was 13st 8!  A crazy weight to be when I am only 5ft tall.  I went to class for a few months and then decided to quit when it got too hard to get to class around work.  I continued eating fairly close to plan and working out at home and managed to get my weight down to 11st 4 by the time Amelia was 15 months old.  A loss of 2st 4lb in 9 months.

That’s when I unexpectedly found out I was pregnant with Ethan.  By the time I was 27 weeks pregnant I had gained 14lbs and decided it was time to go back to group.  Yes, you CAN join Slimming World when you are pregnant!  I was asked by so many people should I be joining, wasn’t it unhealthy to “diet” when pregnant etc.  The truth is, Slimming World is mainly clean eating and if you stick to it and keep a good balanced diet then you are likely to be eating healthier than if you aren’t following their plan and eating all the cake people like to give you because “Aww go on, sure you’re pregnant, you deserve something nice.”

Me at 39 weeks pregnant with Ethan

By the time I went to my last weigh in at 39 + 2 I had gained 17lbs in total.  Yes, that means I only had a 3lb gain from 27 weeks to 39 weeks.  Of course it wasn’t quite a linear as that, I lost 4lb in week one and then it was up a little, down a little but you get my point.  I only wish I had gone back to class sooner to have done even more damage limitation.

I tracked my progress with weekly bump photos to keep me motivated and sticking to plan (You can find the photos on my Instagram if you wish to look through them) and I made sure I always had easy things to hand to snack on like Hi-fi bars or Alpen light bars and Activia yogurts with fruit were another favorite because let’s be honest, when you are pregnant you are hungry all the flipping time!  I also drank lots of water.  I know lots of people struggle with the idea of drinking lots of water but I generally clear a good 2 – 3ltrs a day anyway.  The only downside to drinking so much water when pregnant is that I also needed to wee every 10 minutes!

8 days after Ethan was born I went back to class for my first weigh in wearing my size 12-14 pre pregnancy clothes!  Because I had gained so much weight with the girls I didn’t even think fitting back into pre pregnancy clothes was a thing until babies were months old never mind days old!  When I stepped on the scales I had lost the full 17lbs I had gained.

Me at age 22 with a 9 month old Annabelle vs me at 31 with a 4 week old Ethan

At this point I still had 2 stone left to lose and so I am still going to class each week and sticking to plan the best I can.  I did have a whoops week when I may have had 2 birthday parties for Amelias 2nd birthday and ate cake and pastries at both… but other than that I am still on the downward slide getting closer to my goal each week.

Something to note about Slimming World when pregnant is that it is approved by midwives as it is a healthy eating program and not a diet as such.  There is no calorie restrictions and you can eat as much and as often as you need to to feel full so long as you are making healthy choices.  You also get a higher Healthy Extras allowance while pregnant and more again once the baby arrives if you are exclusively breastfeeding (which I am) but you can talk to your group leader about what you are entitled to as it can change depending on your starting weight.

So would I recommend people join their local class when pregnant if they have weight to lose?  You bet I would but I would also say don’t expect to “lose weight”, the scales are likely to go up some weeks and that is just natural.  Go in and expect to minimize your gains to baby weight rather the gains being extra fat and should you weigh less after your babies birth than you did when you joined Slimming World, then take it as a wonderful bonus!

Me today with less than 2 stone to my target to go – happily plodding along on my Slimming World journey

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