Bare Minerals – Lash Domination

This week I went to Debenhams to check out the new Christmas gift range at the Bare Minerals stand after seeing a post about it on Instagram.  I like to keep my make-up cruelty free so it’s great to remember that Bare Minerals are a cruelty free company and do not test their products or ingredients on animals.  They also do not retail in China.

I needed a new mascara and so I bought the See Eye to Eye gift set with the Lash Domination mascara and eyeliner.  The items bought individually would have cost £36 but this gift pack was only £22.  Bargain.

Bare Minerals – See Eye to Eye

The mascara does do a great job of making my lashes look fuller and it’s pretty great at staying put.  I took a nap on the sofa for an hour with it on (for research purposes clearly…) and it didn’t leave any flakes which is a bonus for me as I do love a nap if I manage to get Amelia and Ethan to sleep at the same time!

However, I am not a fan of the wand.  It is one of those wands with rubber bristles in a spiral positioning and they seem to hold a lot of product in the bristles which makes it tricky to apply quickly without a large amount of product ending up on one section of your lashes.  Also while the staying power is fantastic, this also applies to the removal.  It is much harder to remove than your average mascara so be ready with some good make-up remover and cotton pads to make sure you get rid of it all at night.

Bare Minerals – Lash Domination Mascara Wand

The eyeliner also has great staying power too.  It has a nice brush with a fine tip for application and is a very definite black.  It is also water resistant so won’t be moving anywhere if you get caught in the winter rain or need to have a cry.  To put it through its paces I actually put it on the back of my hand earlier today and to its credit it hasn’t smudged or flaked at all, surviving me making the dinner and feeding and changing the baby.

Would I recommend the products?  Yes, I would say the effect these products offer is amazing and so long as you are happy to use the not so wonderful brush and spend a little more time removing the product at the end of the day then go for it.  The gift set is great value for money so worth treating yourself to if you are after a new mascara or eyeliner for the winter



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