Day Trips

Halloween half term day trip – W5 Belfast

This morning we all woke up later than normal and the Tesco shop was due between 10 and 11 so it was all a bit of a flap.  However, as we wanted to go on a day trip, we managed to get a pack lunch thrown together for the family and everyone dressed and out of the house before 12 noon to head out on our day trip.  Because we arrived at the Odyssey (or should I say the SSE Arena – I can’t be the only one who refuses to call it that right?) at lunch time, it is fair to say that W5 was already packed full of families and kids.

From the moment we got in, Mimi was like a little kid in a sweet shop, running from activity to activity with bags of enthusiasm and the energy of 10 energizer bunnies.  Annabelle had been before but she was still having a great time and Ethan, well he slept through most of the trip.

They currently have a Monster Manor section up for Halloween week and Annabelle had been looking forward to it, however I found it a little weak.  It consisted of mainly projections on walls and scenes set up behind barriers.  Nothing interactive or tactile for the kids to play with as they passed through.  This section was however the exception as every other section and floor was packed full of things to do.

Monster Manor – W5

The discovery section is sponsored by The Outlet in Banbridge and it was the big winner for Amelia.  Mini versions of a Spar, a cafe, a kitchen, a stage to put on your own concert and a massive dolls house were some of the highlights for Amelia.  She must have spent a good half hour at the dolls house alone and was so well behaved.  I would happily go back for this section alone to keep her amused.

Annabelle had the best time on Climbit which was what I would describe as a climbing structure made out of lily pads that ascended a full 4 floors of the building!  I’m not sure how long they are keeping this exhibit but it is well worth going to if you want your kids to burn off lots of energy climbing up and down the structure.

Overall we spent close to 4 hours there with the kids and for £23.50 it was well worth the money.  Under 3’s are free and they offer a family season ticket for under £10 a month which I am sorely tempted to buy as it seems a great way to give the kids a day trip out without spending a fortune all the time.

Annabelle gave W5  a kids rating of 4.5/5


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