Me, my life and I

Maternity leave is a funny thing.  It’s a time when I feel a bit fed up and bored in spite of being busy and tired with a new baby.

When I was pregnant with my first I was still going to gigs and doing a bit of work on artist to fan social interaction which was fun.  I also enjoyed pregnancy yoga classes and did a first aid course just for the craic. Once I had Annabelle it was a huge learning curve about how to look after a baby and doing lots of research on everything from the best cloth nappies and feeding routines to baby yoga and massage routines.

When I was pregnant with my second I decided I would go and train to be a massage therapist!  I still remember the look on the tutors face when I rocked up to the first class at 38 weeks pregnant “Are you okay? Can I help you find where you are going?” … little did she realise her class WAS where I was going.  I took 2 weeks off class when Amelia was born and then cracked on with getting my massage qualification.   My theory being that because I work for Lush, if I ever want to manage a Lush Spa, I will already have my massage qualification in the bag.  Alternatively, if I ever leave Lush, I have a new skill under my belt.

This time I haven’t signed up for anything and pottering about the house is sending me slowly stir crazy.  Of course little Ethan is wonderful and I enjoy spending time with him and the girls but I also feel like my “time off” should be used productively.  I am flitting between wanting to do a photography course, train to be a yoga teacher or signing up for my masters!  All are things I would enjoy learning and all would be useful in life… however for now I have decided to blog while I make up my mind.

I am hoping that a blog will give me an outlet to work through ideas in my head and to track what is going on in life.  It may even stop me doing things impulsively without thinking (a normal thing for me – I like to jump first and think after).

I can’t guarantee what this blog will end up covering but I imagine it will incorporate the things I live and love ranging from my kids to beauty products or healthy living and vegetarian or vegan recipes that I am loving.  Why not join me by following and see where the journey takes us…